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 Interview with Kamijo in Hamburg 2010-07-09 (engl.)

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Ort : World of Romance

Interview with Kamijo in Hamburg 2010-07-09 (engl.) Empty
BeitragInterview with Kamijo in Hamburg 2010-07-09 (engl.)

Just before the live in Hamburg in 2010, we were given the opportunity to do an interview with Kamijo.
Originally the interview we did for the french fans was scheduled with all bandmembers, but after much confusion and rescheduling
the "Interview with the band in Montpellier" morphed into "interview with Kamijo in Hamburg".
Needless to say that most of the questions were aimed at being answered by all members but due to the fact that we were told it would be Kamijo only only about half an hour before the interview
we were forced to think of new questions and just dump most of the original ones.
This combined with the fact that he tried to do the interview entirely in english makes the whole result a bit arkward to read.
We did our best to make it as readable as possible without changing too much.

I: Thank you very much, that even though your schedule is tight, took some time for this interview.
Let's start with some questions concerning this tour:
I: You are touring for quite some time now. What about Japan is it you are missing the most ?
K: Noble!(*1)Those I miss the most

I: And what did impress you the most during this tour so far?
K: Norwegen! At the Hotel ! in the bathroom …. washing my hair... … not elegant ... not at all Kamijo-Style!

I: During your first tour in Europe you didn't have time for sightseeing. This time you were able to visit the castle of Versailles. How do you feel about it?
K: Yes. We visited the castle and the garden, but didn't see Marie Antoiniettes place.

I: You always talked about performing at Versailles one day. Now that you've visited it, when can we expect you to perform there ?
K: Before being able to perform there.. I'd need to be living there. My castle! ... ok, just kidding.

I: Ok, enough for the tour for now, let's answer some questions concerning costumes.(*2)
If you personally could choose a different theme for Versailles outfits, what would it be ?
K:At the very begining of Lareine, I wanted to do a greek goddess-theme. I think that would be interesting

I: Kamijo: During fanclub events/lives we often see you wearing a doctors costume. Is there a special reason for it ?
K: There isn't a special reason it|s fanservice.

I: Can you tell us about the outfits for the Kamijo-mobile photosets? How/Who decides about it ?
K: It's the staff's decission.

I: If you had the chance to perform on stage with your favorite musician, who would it be and wich Versailles song would you perform together ?
K: Jasmine You. - Forbidden Gate

I: Wich song is it you enjoy most playing live and wich one is the most difficult for you ?
K: God Palace … this song is a real challange .
I:Your previous band "Lareine" did perform a version of the "Lady Oscar" (Versailles no Bara) opening song. Can you imagine doing a song for some Anime with Versailles ?K: No. Versailles is my story only.

I: Let's get to a popular topic: Vampires.
I: In Europe/France there currently is a big "vampire revival" due to the Twilight movies&books. Is it the same in Japan and did you read the books or see the movies ? What do you think about this kind of vampires.
K: Twilight ??? I have no interest in that.

I: Kamijo: In Jubilee there are many references about god and angels. Would it be correct to asume that you were inspired by the Anne Rice novel "Memnoch the devil" in wich Lestat meets the devil
and talks to him?
K: Oh? Really? In that case I'd like to read that book.
[ that then was our cue to give him that book as a present for the japanese Tour Final ]</I>

I:Thank you so far. Let's move on to questions to your recent album "JUBILEE".
I: "God Palace" is a very impressive piece of work, Can you tell us something about how you aproached it ?

K: The melody is my story, the lyrics the story of Versailles
I: You usually use english, french or japanese song titles. Why did you decide on "Rosen Schwert", a german word this time ?
K: It would be "Rose sword" in english. … doesn't sound cool. „Rosen schwert“ just sounds a lot better [i] *laughs*

I: There are a lot of fans that think that the booklet for JUBILEE [special edition] smelled like flowers when they first opened it. And really, it definately doesn't smell like regular printed paper. Are you aware of it or is it just a coincidence?
K: Oh ? Really ?
I: Since we prepared for the interview, we brought the cd and handed hin the booklet, wich he then sniffed.]
K: Oh ! … but…. [sniffing it again] … you put perfume on it ?
I: No no, that's that paper's natural fragrance.
K: Natural?! … that's odd!!!

[Interlude …#1]
Kamijo then started flipping through the booklet, opening it and pointing on something on the first page: ONE , pointing on something on page 2: TWO and the same on page 3 : THREE
I: Oh! On the intro-page for the world fan club, the numbers 8 + 9 were visible/hidden.
K: "Exactly! Those were clues!“ (*3)
[End of interlude #1]

I: On Jubilee there are credits for for every song but "Sound in Gate". Is there a reason for it and do you care to tell us who is the composer ?K: "Really ??? but ... it was ME. I composed it. ME! [[he flips through the booklet again]
K: „Oh my god!! [flips through it some more]
K: „OH MY GOD !!

[Interlude #2]
Kamijo picks up a pen and the piece of paper with our interview notess:
K: "Sound“ [he writes the japanese Sign for "sound"]
K: "Gate“ [he writes the sign for gate around the first sign]
K: "Darkness"
If writing the japanese Sign for "sound" inside the sign for "gate" it makes a new japanese sign: the one for "darkness".

To better demonstrate we made a little gif out of the Kanji he wrote:
"Sound in Gate:

I: As the final question: is there anything you'd like to say to the french fans ?
K: “Bonjour Honey!”

A big thank you to everyone who was involved in realizing this interview.
Special thanks to our translator Sumire, who helped us even with all the short notice rescheduling.
The original version of the interview can be found here
french:Interview accordée par Kamijo à la Cour le 09/07/2010
Interview mit Versailles (Kamijo) Hamburg 2010-07-09

K: = Kamijo
I: = Interviewer (French/German Streetteam)

(*1) Noble = that's what the japanese fanclubmembers are called.
(*2)[ This section originally was planed for having questions for each bandmember.
(*3) We did discuss that by now: (sorry german only ^^;)
Jubilee & die Versteckten Botschaften
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Interview with Kamijo in Hamburg 2010-07-09 (engl.)

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